The Art of Embracing the Suck

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And so, here you are. You’ve found yourself in a season that stinks. As Dr. Seuss once so brilliantly put it, “When you’re in a slump, you’re not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.”  And so this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about how does one embrace the suck. When times […]

Learning to Embrace the Suck

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As I might have mentioned, once… or about a hundred times already… I’m a Brené Brown groupie. A few months ago, I found this recording she did, of a talk called Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice. The recording is a seminar she gave in Colorado, and covers a lot of the concepts she discusses in her […]

Be Brave

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In my previous post I promised to share some of the moments that I would consider my personal paradigm shifting moments, or ideas that have changed the way I approach living my life. It’s hard to come up with a conclusive list of such moments, but this one really sticks out in my brain as […]

Sing, Oh Muse

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I first became aware of Timothy Ferriss a few years ago, when he wrote a book titled “the 4-hour workweek.” At the time of it’s publication I was in my first year of, post-college, grown-up job, life. I fell somewhat haphazard (in a frenzy of “I just graduated, I need a job now!” manner) into […]

Wiggle your way to Balance

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Every once in a while, I get really excited about getting in shape. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who is like this, but these moments of fleeting, fitness inspirations strike somewhat like a summer thunderstorm; you know those days when a seemingly, sunny, day suddenly transforms into a raging, energetic, tempest, only to resign […]


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Hyacinth blooms permeate my room The smell wafting and saturating Each corner of space Overflowing with perfume, making all Aware of life. Dawn wakes, spilling over hills First rays of saturating glory Radiating over every horizon Not one will resist the waking Of this day. Salt permeates each morsel and bite No corner of taste, […]

In which I write a letter to Rainy Day…

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Dear Rainy Day, Benjamin Zander tells a story about how his father used to say something along the lines of, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Having grown up in the mid-west, and participated in my fair share of tornado warnings, I question if there may be exceptions to this rule. For […]

Terra Incognita

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It’s February already; long past the time of ‘new year’s resolutions.’ The truth is, January this year, hit me with a thud. It was both good and wonderful, mixed with sorrow and lament. And so it’s February, and I’m just now writing this entry, although I did think a little about my tradition of ‘choosing […]

The Empathy ℞ Part 3

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Conversations about Empathy It was a crisp autumn day in September, and I was walking my local downtown with coffee in hand. On this particular afternoon, I was accompanied by a person (someone I happened to like a great deal) but someone who liked to … we’ll call it “summarize” other people. He had this […]

Why Chase?

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So you know when you’re reading textbooks, and they have those little boxes to the side with extraneous information? Say, you’re reading about the revolutionary war, and there’s a little box about Quilting in Colonial America? Or you’re reading about the landing on the moon and you find an aside telling you about Walter Cronkite? […]

The Empathy ℞ Part 2

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A while back, I wrote a post regarding empathy and how cultivating empathy was a necessary pathway to wellness. I do not believe empathy is something that immediately comes to people’s minds when they’re talking about wellness. I say, ‘I want to study nutrition’ and you think, Food? Calories? Exercise? Weight loss? And perhaps rightfully […]