Winter ready domestic goddess! (Because knitting is cool.)

It’s finally finished. Although not my first knitting project, it ranks high on my ‘projects that I’ve taken embarrassingly long to finish.’ (A list, which frankly contains, most of my knitting projects to date.) This one for instance, I started in… I don’t even want to remember.
I actually made one like it (that actually didn’t take a shamefully long amount of time) for a friend.  When I finished, I had extra yarn that was going to be a matching hat… however my knitting skills…well let’s just say they haven’t progressed to ‘hats.’ Besides…it’s a blue, fluffy, scarf.  Blue, fluffy, scarves are cool. 
Blue is her thing–she looks amazing in blue–it makes her eyes pop. That’s probably why she picked out this yarn–it was very her.  Blue isn’t actually my thing…my eyes are brown.  Hmmm… but maybe I’ll start? Or maybe I’ll pass it on… I don’t know. 
But regardless I am winter, ready, domestic goddess knitting my cool, fluffy, blue scarves. I can now move on to the next project which is… oh wait…it’s the OTHER scarf that I’ve been working on for… I don’t even want to remember how long. *sigh*