Top 10's for Tuesday the 10th


I have an obsession with making list.  I mean I really enjoy making list.  Sometimes I make to-do list as an activity in of itself. It might be obsession, organization, weakness or sickness; I’m not actually sure.  Anyway, list list list; here is a lovely list of links.

The random: Ten cool ideas, lovely links and miscellaneous things that make me smile:

1. I saw this pop up in Twitter a few days ago. It sounds like a really cool idea, for a good cause in a beautiful place: the freedom climb. I kind of wish I was going to be there tomorrow to join in.

2. One of my friends brought this to my attention a few days ago. I haven’t had a chance to read all there is to read, but it seems like a good place to start loving you for you.

3. Need something pretty to gaze your eyes upon? Check out the beautiful photography of Allizon Ruiz. And if you’re needing photography in the Midwest, Kansas City, area I would highly recommend giving her a shout.

4. Another Midwest artist, I had the honor of working with this lovely lady last year. Sarah Goodnow has since moved on to some other lovely pursuits that certainly haven’t escaped my notice, nor should they escape yours.

5. My friends who love Chipotle will love this.

6. I just can’t get enough of my newest friend, Little Bear.

7. Even watching this gives me a small spot of vertigo. But I like what she has to say about not being paralyzed by fear.

8.  Ok, so it’s really fun to see people’s reactions to things. IMMINENT DEATH for instance wasn’t actually what I was thinking. Vertigo, maybe, but not IMMINENT DEATH. Katie Brown seems like a cool chica though.

9. Yoga. Yes. Love your Hips!

10 .HappyThankYouMorePlease. No really,  more please. I watched this movie last night and it was pretty happy making. Sometimes I feel a little lost in navigating the land of relationships, but this movie is optimistic, hopeful and yes, happy.

Alright.  I think that will be about enough randomness for now.


~M.R. Berry