Top 10 sisterly unnecessary close-ups

My sister and I have a long history of the unnecessary close-up.  Although originally these photo’s were taken due to traveling in a pair and getting tired of only have one of us in a picture at a time, the act became such an enjoyable ‘art form’ that we have since used the unnecessary close-up for many and all manner of amusement and occasion.   Here are a few of my favorites from the last five years representing the many oh-so-close-faces of Spawn & Fiend.

One of the premiere specimens. : Posed sometime over spring break of 2005.
From a pub in England, March 2007.
This was snapped during a walk about in the garden some time in August 2007.
From the Washington beach, October 2007.
Probably Seattle… (the downfall of unnecessary close-ups being that you can’t always quite make out the background.) October 2007.
Wallowa National Forest, Oregon–September 2008.
Silver Dollar City–Christmas 2008–Please Note the Rudy.
Bachelorette festivities in Seattle–August 2009
It be Thanksgiving break 2009.
And a recent contribution–Christmas 2010 in braids.

I am ready to add to this collection…maybe as soon as spring break of 2011?