The March Files

Wow.  Is it really the last day of March? I’ve been a little slacker with the blogging… I will pretend it’s because I’ve been very busy and important. 😉 But really, lots of fun things in March.  Tried snowboarding for the first time hahaha, yes… (‘tried’ is really the key word.) Let’s see… a visit from a Western friend that I know from the East, drank lots of bee’s, became a year older, soaked up the spring sun.  Good time’s were had.  Here is a shorter recap (because previous recaps have taken WAY too long… in the future, months should be recapped in a dozen photo’s or less… because… I have decided this.) More isn’t always better…sometimes it’s just more.  And so, here is some more of the less…more or less.

A bee outing.
“I drank all your Bee’s,” she said.
The not sisters, ‘sisters.’
Mr. Blue Sky!
Coming out of Winter hibernation.
Bear, meet Bear.
Spring break snows.
Yes, this is as good as it gets right now.
Snow ready, spring ready. Paradox.


~M.R. Berry