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The January Files

Wow.  I can hardly believe that there is only one day left in January.  It really did fly by fast–seems just yesterday people were talking about New Year’s and 2012 and their resolutions.  Happily February is almost here.  I’m not sure if I really like February (I’m pretty sure, at best, we’re just good friends.) […]

Links of Love

It’s time again for that spewing forth of various things I’ve been noting, and pondering, and thinking on over the last few weeks.  A list of links that for various reasons… I’ve found intriguing.  The theme for today? Let’s talk about love…well  if you’re so inclined to know what’s been bouncing around up in my noggin that […]

Top 10's for Tuesday the 10th

Misc. I have an obsession with making list.  I mean I really enjoy making list.  Sometimes I make to-do list as an activity in of itself. It might be obsession, organization, weakness or sickness; I’m not actually sure.  Anyway, list list list; here is a lovely list of links. The random: Ten cool ideas, lovely links and miscellaneous […]