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The February Files

It’s that time already.  The first day of March! No, I really can’t believe it is. I usually kind of hate February, and this year started out no different…however I have to say it was really a nice month.  And, leap year, means we get an EXTRA day this year (that’s exciting, right?). My sister […]

Sunny Days

I love foggy days.  I love being cozy inside with the fire and a cup of tea.  I love rain and puddles and blizzards and storms.  That being established, in the last two years I’ve become a baby about sunshine.  I didn’t used to think that the weather had any affect whatsoever on my moods […]


“If you feel spiritually empty,visit a winter garden cloaked in barrenness. Underfoot is hope stirring,alive,warming itself without expectation. The fallen fruit has melded with the compassion of Earth. In your soul, too, is a season called grace, and therein lies the seed of a new spring, where life has a chance to blossom again. It is okay to sit on the garden […]