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The February Files

It’s that time already.  The first day of March! No, I really can’t believe it is. I usually kind of hate February, and this year started out no different…however I have to say it was really a nice month.  And, leap year, means we get an EXTRA day this year (that’s exciting, right?). My sister […]

Valentines Day

Yesterday, as I was leaving work with my fellow coworker, another coworker said, “You ladies have a good ‘V-Day’ tomorrow.”  I don’t know why, but his calling it V-day made me snicker.  For starters, it’s a bit nerdy, but then also it made me think of Winston Churchill and Victory and Beethoven’s fifth symphony–none of […]

Foggy Frosty February

This afternoon was time to bundle up, and find a good trail for a pleasant walk.  It’s turned crisp and cool again–that clean smelling air that comes in the cold.  Naturally, Little Bear was the most bundled of all.  He seemed to enjoy staring up into the tree branches and foggy sky–that was when he […]