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Happy 236th birthday, America!

It’s July 4th! Time for all manner of American celebrations, good food, good company, and fireworks. Woohoo! Sadly, 4th of July is one of those holidays that I frequently find myself grappling about how to celebrate.  For me, it has this in common with New Years.  In concept I like the idea a lot.  I watched the scene from […]

The March Files

Wow.  Is it really the last day of March? I’ve been a little slacker with the blogging… I will pretend it’s because I’ve been very busy and important. 😉 But really, lots of fun things in March.  Tried snowboarding for the first time hahaha, yes… (‘tried’ is really the key word.) Let’s see… a visit […]

Little things, flowers and such…

Ever have those days when you wake up, and the better half of your hormones, attitudes & happy moods stay in bed? Mmmhmmm.  The other day I was having one of those mornings when I woke up to this… Card complete with vase and beautiful.  The day just got all fantastic all of a sudden. […]