Tag: Chasing Whippoorwills


Here’s a lovely little picture (that has nothing to do with December or the holidays).  As well as a lovely picture, I would also note that this little corner of the internet is getting a face lift…for the two or three people, besides myself, who at this point actually notice these things.  January will bring […]


My desire for this blog was primarily to be able to post pictures with less words and more visual.  The problem has been a general continuation of my computer’s crashing situation and therefore my lack of picture to computer connection.  I have my little camera that takes alright pictures but it doesn’t really compare to […]

It’s been on my mind

First object to note…my big computer with all my pictures and easily loadable pictures crashed last week…so all plans for making weekly updates to this blog became somewhat bogged down. There are many ireful thoughts related to this but instead I will carry on to what’s been on my mind…which is…Sufjan Stevens…and specifically this song.