Sunny Days

I love foggy days.  I love being cozy inside with the fire and a cup of tea.  I love rain and puddles and blizzards and storms.  That being established, in the last two years I’ve become a baby about sunshine.  I didn’t used to think that the weather had any affect whatsoever on my moods and then last winter came.  Maybe I just got weirdly more aware of myself last winter, or perhaps I was working in a school and so the rain and snow directly affected my sanity (i.e. the ability to give the kids good outdoor time…) I’m not sure exactly, but I now CRAVE sunshine. I don’t care if it’s freezing, or if there’s snow on the ground, but please let me see that sun at least once every two or three days. Knowing that might make you think that moving to the NW is not the best idea (seeing it’s rather known for it’s clouds and rain) however I reasoned that it couldn’t be much worse than Missouri in February.  I’m not convinced actually that it is any worse…but see the problem is that it’s definitely not better.  Ai ai ai.  So today… THANK HEAVENS…there is sunshine.  It’s glorious, and I’ve been hungry for it and so it’s even more glorious.  After work I headed strait for the trails and soaked up that blue sky.  Clearly I need to research sunshine (I.e. the places to find more of it. On that note, Denver boast three hundred days of sunshine a year…another point for Colorado? Not that it would take much.) Anyway, today I give you sunshine.



~M.R. Berry