Soup and stuff

It’s definitely a soup time of year. I actually think that most times of year are soup times of year, because I think that highly of soup. However it can’t be argued by even the daintiest of soup consumers that this is in fact a soup time of year.

Inspired, I made chowder.

It’s got all the good stuff like butter, garlic, onion…pretty much insures your kitchen to smell amazing.

Once again, the inspiration came from Wai Lana’s favorite soups book.  Such pretty pictures, I am endlessly inspired to recreate.

I have fairly strong convictions about butter. I am decidedly pro. I just can’t figure out anything else that can make so many different kinds of things taste good.

And let there be chowder!

And I finally finished one of my projects of making valentines for the little squirts I watch over during the week.  There was at least some measure of productivity this week.  And now for some more tea before slipping into my pre-red/pink/heart/hallmark card etc. day slumbers.