So, for the first time since “snowboarding” my neck has regained it’s full range of motion.  Pretty much everyone I’d ever talked with said, you’ll fall and your bum will be sore the next day. Well, they were correct about half.  I did fall…I fell a lot…but the problem wasn’t really my bum (perhaps it’s just well padded enough, that it’s disinclined to be sore? oy…) No,  the problem seemed to be that I hit my head…I hit it hard… a couple of times. The result? Whiplash. Seriously.  The worst whiplash I’ve ever had.  Oy.  But thankfully, 9 days later, I seem to have recovered completely.  Possibly even enough to dare and try it again next season? Yes…maybe.

Until this year, I had never been skiing or snowboarding, but I really wanted to try snowboarding for some reason.  I’m not sure why (and I was REALLY unsure why when I was in pain the week post-snowboarding) But it’s on my bucket list…and so…I did it. It wasn’t exactly what I would call successful… (see note on whiplash above… ).  One of the key things I forgot about myself, is that when I start plummeting with ANY amount of speed downhill, and I don’t know how to steer or stop…my instinct is to dive into the snow, EVEN when I’m not going to hit anything. (I discovered this truth last year when sledding… I know… it’s a problem.)  This truth did not change when I traded in a sled for a snowboard.  In fact, I think it actually intensified several times over.  However, I would like to try it again (minus whiplash), and also, I would like to try skiing.  Perhaps someday I’ll even be decent…perhaps someday I’ll learn to not dive for the snow the second I pick up speed…perhaps someday I’ll learn to master the rope lift (and/or avoid it completely).  If not, I’m going back to sledding, or maybe just good old fashioned walking.  I really do enjoy having my feet… I should give them much better care than I do.

On a side note, snow is really pretty.  It’s kind of magically pretty. *happy sigh*