Seven Snippets from Saturday: Onward August

Second week in a row! Kind of exciting actually to remember that I have a little corner of the web that I occasionally tend to. Sometimes my blogging ambitions start looking suspiciously like my gardening ambitions; I think about how nice they’d be, but then fail to actually do any work. Gardens are, as Paddington Bear once observed, very hard work. Blogs are somewhat like gardens in that way: rewarding work, but work.

There is however one important difference between a garden and a blog, and in this case the difference is that I actually have a blog, I don’t actually have a garden. The only thing therefore between me and reaping the rewards of said blog is …I have to do the work. Alrighty then, seven snippets for Saturday.

1. ) A Cute: 1094811_492270604176943_494722428_nThere was this really adorable thing happening with my nephew in the kitchen.

2.) A Song: I’ve been kind of obsessing about Of Monsters and MenAnd this song makes me happy!

3.) A Quote: thursdayblogThis line from Mary Oliver’s Evidence: Poems.  I’ve had so much busy happening this summer, and the worry steals from the gratitude with no return for it’s investment. I ran onto this quote the other day, ‘Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.’ Amen and amen. There’s a lot of blessings to count this week, something I’ve tried to be more intentional about counting. Sometimes it’s harder then it should be to stand still, and remember the good things that are going on right now in my life.

4.)  A Link: I sometimes forget I also have a Tumblr and on that Tumblr there are things like this and it is brilliant, and it is definitely helping me ‘chase that happy.’

5.) Book Porn:  AAG-Cover-849x1024crockpotcoverThe thing is, I already have enough cookbooks…I mean considering the wealth of information from the internet regarding food and how to prepare it…I’m probably good. But it’s not the same, and I really like cookbooks.  While this could be argued of all books in general, in regards to cookbooks in particular, they’re nommy, and pretty, and sometimes very informative, and now that I have been devoting my studies to nutrition? I can pretty much argue convincingly that they’re research.  You can understand how this might be a slippery slope. That said, these two have gotten my juices going. They’re in my shopping cart, it’s just a matter of time before I cave in and complete my order. First is Against all Grain and the second is  The art of Healthy Eating: grain free, low carb reinvented. *happy sigh* Yes, I’ll probably report when I finally cave in and hit ‘buy.’

6.)  The Places You’ll Go:Rwanda Pictures 070 Today I’ve been thinking a lot about travel and Africa. Maybe because I was following Ewen McGreggor on Instagram and that made me think about ‘Long Way Down’ and then that made me think about Africa. One way or another sometimes I get a little nostalgic about travel and wanting to hit the road. Not all the time, but today is one of those days. And yes, giraffes are some of the coolest critters around.

7. A thing: Good words from this guy, Mike Falzone; he makes youtubes that frequently make me happy. So here’s some wisdom on how to make your Facebook less depressing.  Yup, he’s got some wise words.

That said, there’s seven snippits from my Saturday.