Seven Snippets for Saturday

And it’s Saturday again. It’s Easter, it’s April, it’s spring; more appropriately in reverse order…it was spring, then April…and then…Easter is …really …tomorrow, but y’know what I’m saying… I think….

ANYWAY… There’s a lot of great things to think about this weekend, but here’s a little personal round up of seven things that have been on my mind, well seven of the good ones.  I’ve had some dumb things on my mind too, but I’m not sharing those cause…they were dumb. These are the good ones, only the good ones if you please, or since it’s my blog, if I please, and I do please.

1.) This celestial event, that happened on Monday night: breathtaking. I love the cosmos. DSC_0727

2.) These beautiful and lovely Natural dye Easter Eggs that I’ll undoubtedly not get around to actually doing this year…seeing that tomorrow is in fact Easter *ahem* but I do like the idea… yes I do. Hashtag that under #goodintentions and #toolazy

3.) This quote from Anne Lamott (yeah…I needed this Anne)

The horrible part [of writing] is that you have to sit down and do it. And it is going to go badly, I promise you. You will be scared by how inept you are. But you just do it.

4.) This ridiculous critter: Yup, Still good…still can’t stop laughing. Credit to Keeks for finding this gem.

5.) Two separate conversations, from two opposite ends of the country, with two of my best friends. Where would I be without my soul sisters? IMG_8013

6.) This song by HEM. It’s a leave-it-on-repeat kind of song, so you let the deep, and beautiful melancholy seep into your very soul.

7.) Last of all, these lines from a poem called Earthward by Robert Frost.

Love at the lips was touch

As sweet as I could bear;

And once that seemed too much;

I lived on air.

And that would be all. I hope your Saturday is bright, and your Easter is blessed. Cheers!