Seven shots of Saturday

Open the curtains and let in the light.
I found so many ducks at the park.
Enjoying the fleeting January sunshine.
Little Bear enjoys his indoor birds too.
My little nephew will have lots of opportunities for bird watching.
I’ve made my Saturday nest.
‘Forget Me Not’

Quiet winters Saturdays.  Lots of bird watching going on (for me and my nephew), and lots of music playing, and lots of sitting under blankets and reading books.  My book list is officially out of hand; I promised myself that I wouldn’t be reading more than two books at a time (it’s confusing, and leads me to frequently leave books unfinished for months at a time.)  Sadly, I am now reading four books (four that I’ll fess up to anyway.) Ai ai ai.  I suppose that’s enough to keep me busy for the evening, and it might just be the way I choose to spend it; tea, cozy blankets, books. I suppose that’ll do for tonight, maybe not another night, but for tonight it will do.


~M.R. Berry