Random Thoughts on a Sabbath Eve

This week has provided some quality, stereotypical NW weather.  Thank goodness for rain boots, ey?  So somewhere in the afternoon or last night, one of the window’s in my room has become unlatched.  This wouldn’t normally be a problem (just open your blinds and latch your window already silly!) however, this is the window that my lovely Father put plastic over (so I could stop freezing in my room.)  Its fantastically less cold in my room than it t’was previously, however not really easy to access the window latch.  So now, when the wind blows (which in the nice stereotypical NW weather, this is quite frequent) there is my window…tapping.  It’s probably creepy.  I plan to be properly creeped tonight when I wake up and hear my window being tapped.  I’m actually confused about how it came UN-latched to begin with (because, hello, not on ground level really…and plastic over window!).  Anyway, more thoughts to be creeped by later tonight, ey? Also it has occurred to me that I possibly blog the phrase ‘ey’ more than would be an accurate representation of my life.  But it’s fun to say, fun to type, and well, fun to read.  Just saying…

Also, my cousin Rob pointed out to me that I had no Poems on the Poetry page. I remedied this with at least a poem. Hopefully I’ll add more on some very near future date.

Anyway, happiest Sabbath Eve & New Year’s Eve Day’s Eve (or um something like that, ey?)


~M.R. Berry