Pinnacles Youth Park

A little outdoor adventure was required Saturday afternoon with  hiking at Pinnacles Youth Park.   The intention was to actually get to the pinnacle part and hike up over all the ‘pinnacles’ but there was so much rain on Friday night that the stream had transformed into a river wild and we couldn’t quite find a place to cross over. So we instead hiked the non-pinnacle side of the river and ended up going up and down and all over these little hills trying to find a place to cross.  It was, despite failure of determined goal, relaxing.  I think it might be because my work right now is so emotionally exhausting–or because I’m just with people all day long Monday through Friday–but whatever it is,  I have all kinds of ambition to be outside this fall.   

The Pinnacles

Also I’m excited because I just discovered that Lake of the Ozark state park has not only cabins and campsites but also a YURT you may reserve and stay in.  I now know that I HAVE to simply HAVE to stay there.  Even if I go alone for the weekend.  I’m pretty much ecstatic.  You don’t even know.

Missouri Yurt