Mortar to Mend


Sometimes when I have thoughts they only come out in verse, and I’m not going to argue with it. 


Savage; unrestrained

We ravage each other’s souls

For a moment

Neither right nor wrong


In moral relativism

Definitions defined

In the moment


Power; unrestrained

It’s about power at the end of the day

Power, to make you cum—

To take you, gullible and whole

Believing you were taking me

In my beauty

—not even beauty;

As I use you, and you me

Raging in loveless discord


Lavish; unrestrained

What glorious unseen, what


nobody sees


Or even knocks on the door



Love; unrestrained

Never asking, never pursuing

Its own gain—expressing,

Caressing, but not seen in all this

Lonely place;

this disgrace, this

Power hungry




Rage; unrestrained

Unanswered questions

And lies from every corner

Did you find even one

With integrity?

To live in beauty

such beauty

I am yours, and you are mine,

Yielding, euphoric, harmony

—Mortar to mend

All that’s broken