Let there be Juice!

Making Juice: indeed one of my favorite ways to consume my fruits and veggies.

Although eating them just like that isn’t shabby either.

And it doesn’t require quite as much equipment to eat them in their natural state. But regardless, I still love my yummy juice and my bulky Champion…

And the whole messy process. =)

It yields yummy green. I’d call it Yoda Juice.

Wai Lana calls it Cucumber Cooler.

It’s good though, whatever it’s name is.

Not that names aren’t important–a rose by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet. Cucumber cooler doesn’t sound quite as appealing when the yard is frozen. You want something warm and cozy. I’m not actually sure if Yoda Juice invokes that feeling…but it does have a curiosity to it…

and that is a little cozy.