Grove of the Patriarchs

For the love of the forest: I love trails.  I love trees. I actually become slightly giddy about old, huge, trees. No, really, I do.  Last weekend, I got to see…nowhere close to my fill…but nonetheless, a fine collection of such beauties.  I headed over to Mount Rainier National Park, which turns out to be a very drive-able destination, (why didn’t I realize this sooner?) and spent some quality time in the Ohanapecosh region of the park.  Not only a beyond beautiful place, but also fun to say–brownie points, ey?

patriarchs 1 patriarchs 2 patriarchs 3

The Grove of the Patriarchs Trail, has some of the loveliest examples of  old grown forest  that I’ve seen. It’s pretty awe inspiring really to stand under such amazing historical specimens.

patriarchs 4 patriarchs 5 patriarchs 6

My mind actually goes into overdrive when I start thinking about how many generations of people have lived while they’ve stood there.

patriarchs 7 patriarchs 8 patriarchs 9

Additionally, the trail is just really fun.  There’s a board walk that goes around the largest collection of really old  Patriarchs, and there’s a suspension bridge that crosses over the  Ohanapecosh river.

 patriarchs 10 patriarchs 11 patriarchs 12

Somewhere between the bridge, and the board walk, and the tress, I found myself fantasizing about building my very own Berenstain Bears tree-house… or maybe a nice Swiss Family Robinson tree-house? Either or both.

patriarchs 13 patriarchs 15 patriarchs 16

It was a highly enjoyable part of my morning, and I wish I could spend time there just about every Sunday morning.  There is something beyond peaceful and restorative about being in the forest.  Perhaps I shall return again, seeing it’s oh so drive-able.


Ze Ginger Queen