Feathered Friends

Sweet Snows

It snowed some more this week.

One of my favorite snow time activities (which I may accomplish in warmth and my comfy womfy’s, that is) is watching the Berry Bird Breakfast Buffet. Here Mr. Jay gets first dibs. (He usually does.)

But when it’s pretty cold he’ll share.

With humility, no less.

It’s serious business.

And when they’ve had enough for five minutes, they take a short break in the trees.

Then some of the little guys can get in there.

Watching them made me want something of my own so I made some bean dip.

And some cookies.

Ok, it wasn’t ALL for me. I shared it with some lovely ladies.

About a month ago  I cleaned my room and in the process I also pulled off all the photos from my bulletin board…which after being up for at least two years it was high time I do that. I was feeling particularly inspired anyway by the cloth on the left…it’s the time of year when I first saw England and so this is clearly an England time of year.

So finally after a month of bareness, I pulled some pictures from my last years calendar, and some photos I took when I was in England and started the process of a bulletin board make-over.

Aw, it looks much better now.

Buddy totally concurs.