Countdown to Christmas!

Last Year I was somehow on the ball enough that I managed to blog through the Twelve days of Christmas.  This year I’ve been so ‘off the ball’ that I haven’t managed to blog anything in the last month.  There have been reasons actually…and good ones.  There have been hello’s to make (to my new nephew) and goodbye’s to say (to my Grandmother).  There have been mad dash, two day visits to the Midwest, followed by cross country drives through the mountains. There has been new work (tutoring) and family visits (from the parents.) All that being said… the last month hasn’t really proven the opportune moment to keep up with blogs, thus somehow it got pushed to the end of my to-do list. And so there are now only ten days till Christmas.  It doesn’t quiet have the same ring as twelve…for starters there isn’t a song about the ten days of Christmas.  Nonetheless I suppose there is enough time for a countdown—I consider any excuse a good enough reason to declare a hardy countdown—and so without further ado let the countdown begin. (And because it’s so late in the evening it’s really almost nine days until Christmas…eeek! But let’s not muddy the waters.)  Ten days to Christmas y’all!

Christmas tradition of the night? Watching 'While You Were Sleeping' with the family. Even after watching it every year, for MANY somehow still hasn't become stale. Definitely one of my all-time favorite holiday movies.