Christmas Eve: T'was the Night Before Christmas & other Christmas preparations

It’s my first Christmas not being in the great MO.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to get some actual Christmas time with my parents last weekend and so even though everything is different on Christmas proper, it’s still been pretty holly jolly.  Friday I made Challah (as my bro-in-law calls it, Holly Challah….) And in a somewhat last minute, but not totally last minute effort, I finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped… ALMOST all of my presents.  The rest of them ended up being finished on Christmas Eve day…maybe a full eight hours before they were opened. Ai ai ai…next year I will up my game on the present wrapping (or as you can see in the picture below, it was more bagging than wrapping…erum yeah…) So really…next year.  Great stuff.  On the bright side, I got to be with my nephew for his first Christmas, which is cute.  (Next Christmas promises more fun I’m sure but I doubt it will be able to ‘out-cute’ this Christmas by much.)  All in all, it’s not been too shabby Washington.