Cooking Inspiration

modern-booksA few weekends ago, I was able to visit Bastyr University for their January open house.  One of the highlights of the day, was sitting in during a cooking demonstration in their whole foods kitchen. Bastry University has several classes and programs that make me itch with enthusiastic ambition, but one of the programs that really entices me (and this surprised me) is their nutrition and culinary arts program.  I think I was surprised, because I spent years of my life thinking that I didn’t actually enjoy cooking.  Turns out I was wrong.  I sometimes forget and get lazy about cooking, but when I do sit down and cook a meal, it’s one of the most creative and rewarding things I think I can do.  Besides the fact that, for me, the creative process of cooking always adds to the enjoyment of the meal. ( If only I felt that the clean-up was as creative and enjoyable, I’d be set for life.)  At any rate, one of the books that was highly recommended was ‘The Flavor Bible.’ I remember seeing a copy a while back during one of my bookstore raids, and really wanting to take it home with me.  I didn’t, but as of my last Amazon order, I have refrained no longer.  My copy is in the mail, and on the way.  I’m hoping that it’s going to be just the thing needed for my spring inspiration.  I think what excites me the most, is that it’s not another cookbook, it’s cooking inspiration.  It is my hope that I can become more creative, and inventive in my cooking, and more comfortable with “winging it” in the future, and I hope that this book will inspire me with just a little more confidence in that direction.  Here’s hoping; I’ll be pacing tomorrow, waiting for it to arrive. I suspect this makes me dangerously close to…a foodie.

Cheerio; post script, to be determined.