August Rush

So I’ve sadly been neglecting things here…and so we’re already to the August.  This is probably the only August post I’ll get around to…so in short here’s August.

Montessori: I’m now an intern. Yay! I have an official career for the first time in my life.  It’s pretty sweet actually.  Not sure how long I’ll do this but for right now it’s a good thing and I’m pleased, that is when I’m not mostly tired –which considering this weekend is WAY too short the tired is a legit feeling.


I got to set up the practical life area mostly by myself–which means I got to create lots of works for the kids to do.  This is called grasping. When you’re 3 yrs old it’s pretty neat-o.

Sponge Squeezing

This is the sponge squeezing work.  You transfer water with the sponge from one side of the bowl to the other.  This is actually a work that I find very therapeutic even at my age.

The first practical life shelf

And here are all the works I assembled…grasping, scooping, spooning, dry-pouring, sponge squeezing, liquid pouring, the ever popular tong & marble work, and the super popular table setting work and of course lacing.

Very important--play!

And the place where I’ve spent a lot of time…


It’s a pleasant enough place to spend’s one day.