African Queen

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So in 5 days I commence my premiere African adventure–or as I’m calling it my summer of Africa.  The month of May hardly qualities as the whole summer but it will no doubt set the tone of the summer that follows.  At this time there is nervousness and apprehension coupled with shear enthusiasm for adventure and passion for the task at hand.  I’m not sure how exactly to prepare mentally for such a thing but I suspect that by the time I figure it out I’ll probably already be well into my Rwandan adventures.  I think it might just be a jump into the deep end kind of situation, which is just the kind of thing that my personality, of over thinking everything, could probably use a little more.  It is perhaps the sort of thing that leads one just a little closer to bridging the gap between me and my ideal self.  Do…or do not…don’t just hear about it…be a doer, says the recovering procrastinator.

Commence Countdown…