Advice to my Future Self

IMG_9011Let me not grieve what was never mine to hold.

Or waste my living on rot and mold.

Relationships failed to come into being

Thoughts un-fleshed that were never seen

Dreams that died without fruit on the vine

All those ideas that were once mine

Seeds that were planted, but never grew

Harvest of wishes that didn’t come through

Let me not waste another day,

on those desires that fade away.

Let me not die while I’m yet living,

buried in regrets of what wasn’t giving

life to my soul or hope to my days

Let me not grieve my whole life away.


Let me rest in the faith: what is mine, will be mine,

May I cling to the hope, the truth and the vine

My inheritance determined by an act of grace

No seed will be lost or put to waste;

What is rooted will live and will grow and thrive

But my grief cannot hold it, or force it alive.

What dies in the ground will give life to the soil

Nourish the earth, make it good for the toil  

So let me not grieve that which never could grow

but continue to dream, to live and to sow.

Some seeds will be planted, some seeds will die

Some seeds will grow roots as deep as the sky

Some dreams I will harvest, some will never survive

But may all my days living, be fully alive.