A is for Adventure

Early in the morning, greeting the day

In that early, glowing, sunrise, way.

Adventure is life!

A stunning meeting, when those moments of dawn

are new and fleeting,

And the gift of air in your lungs,

And the gift of life has sprung—

Into another day and chance,

Into another place of happenstance?

It sometimes seems from time to time.

What attitude will be your guide?

Façade nor mascaraed can hide

That life might be adventure

Or inconvenience a different clincher,

Of where your joy might stay.

How will you choose to spend your day?

A is for Adventure—

And that’s the place it all begins

To see how life’s Adventure transcends

Before you. Should you note the way—

to see Adventure in your day.

Early in the morning,

may you take to heart this attitude,

That you receive Adventure,

with life embracing gratitude.