Closet Waltz

I am almost done reading The Beautiful Ache . It has been a wonderful read and I think I could easily find myself wanting to reread chapters. I actually dread finishing the book because it’s been so relaxing. Thankfully I still have two chapters remaining.

This morning it was actually decently sunny. It didn’t really last that long but it’s nice to see a patch of blue sky even if it’s for only a moment.

It took me way to long to get to it but I finally started on the closet mess. Yesterday while looking for something to wear for church I got massively frustrated by my shirts being in disarray and so they all ended up in a basket on the floor. OY. It seems that about every six months if not sooner most of my closet ends up in some kind of mess. Part of it is because I a.) have too many clothes and b.) am trying to squeeze them into what most people would consider a smallish closet–well small compared to what most houses that are presently being built have. Not small compared to say, a bungalow house or some non-American closet. But in todays society when you can own like HUNDREDS of shirts …it’s small.

Speaking of…this is probably some kind of sickness. Holiday T’s!!!! And I happen to know this picture fails to capture at least three…one I had to get rid of because it had a spot…one green one that is in the wash and another Reindeer one that I haven’t seen for a while…hmmm… But who can resist a colorful $5 Holiday T from Target? Obviously not me.

Finally, it arrives in some kind of better order. Today has had tea, coffee, closet organization and music! At least that’s something.