The January Files

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Wow.  I can hardly believe that there is only one day left in January.  It really did fly by fast–seems just yesterday people were talking about New Year’s and 2012 and their resolutions.  Happily February is almost here.  I’m not sure if I really like February (I’m pretty sure, at best, we’re just good friends.) Most of my experiences with February tend to be that it’s really grey outside.  Grey, and cloudy, and not snowy enough, or cozy enough, or celebratory enough.  And no I haven’t forgotten how the insides of stores and houses are exploding in pink and red and hearts and stuff.  (The real reason I prefer Halloween to Valentines day is because I prefer Orange to Pink. Yup.)  But February has good stuff like …Groundhog Day (an under-noted holiday for sure).  Also it’s the month before my birthday month.  That’s exciting.  But before I jump ahead of myself there is still one day more of January, and so that means it’s time for to go through my January files (mostly possibly probably for myself), least I forget.  Yes, to remember.  From the look of things, it appears January had a lot of ducks…


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