Tag: Poetry

Advice to my Future Self

Let me not grieve what was never mine to hold. Or waste my living on rot and mold. Relationships failed to come into being Thoughts un-fleshed that were never seen Dreams that died without fruit on the vine All those ideas that were once mine Seeds that were planted, but never grew Harvest of wishes […]


Golden; They said the flames were golden When I burned In the moment of my deepest despair What other’s saw was golden, fair star light that burst into the sky, Flames—flying high! And beauty; they said I was wrapped in beauty Before the flames, A visual, spectacle to behold Even though my soul was old, And […]

Mortar to Mend

Sometimes when I have thoughts they only come out in verse, and I’m not going to argue with it.    Savage; unrestrained We ravage each other’s souls For a moment Neither right nor wrong Matters In moral relativism Definitions defined In the moment   Power; unrestrained It’s about power at the end of the day Power, […]