Tag: Poetry

Of Your Becoming

Transitions, like growth spurts bring with them awkward uncertainties — Teeth too large to fit in mouths too small, Heads sitting higher as we find ourselves in allocations unfamiliar, terrain unknown — The in-between places less like autumn and more like adolescence. But like a season transitions will transcend and we wake full-frontal versions of […]

The Burning was a Gift

I used to wonder at this burning And think, “I must not let it burn so hot I must contain my fire— So much damage can it do. — A fire left unchecked? We should better put it out.” But what I did not realize Was that no one could extinguish The billowing flames of […]


Hyacinth blooms permeate my room The smell wafting and saturating Each corner of space Overflowing with perfume, making all Aware of life. Dawn wakes, spilling over hills First rays of saturating glory Radiating over every horizon Not one will resist the waking Of this day. Salt permeates each morsel and bite No corner of taste, […]