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This is what I know

I can’t remember when I wrote this poem, but it’s been in my collection for a while. I still love the ambiguity; who exactly is being taken along for the ride? Who will also be found along the way? Could it be a lover? A friend? A self? Some deep spiritual mystery? It’s unclear. Yet in writing it I felt such a sense of belonging. You’re with me, and I’m not alone. It’s going to be ok.

The Greatest Mystery

Living always at the edge of the mystery where the curious trails pull off toward the horizon of discovery— the affirming arrival home, from a question. Ebb and flow of those inward tides living at the edge of the mysterious tera incognita, onwards until we find ourselves at home amidst the unknown. We are home […]

~the dance of the clock~

I watched her as she danced through the parameters of her boundaries, etching out her elegant, circular, turf and for a moment I imagined she could transport us to a dimension, not tethered to chronology suspending us together in this interstitial space, immune to the aches, or benefits, of change. But 360 degrees later, having […]