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Fall Adventure…drinking Peeps?

Ok,  so it is undoubtedly the cheery fall packaging that snookered me in.  I don’t normally go for Peeps (‘I don’t drink Peeps’).  Nope.  But these were AUTUMN Peeps.  They’re cats.  They beckoned me.  They maybe even spoke my name.  They’re cute… So once again I think I’m going to find myself drinking Peeps… Oh my.

Drinking Peeps

As we surfed through the aisles of the grocery store scouting out our Saturday evening grub, I proposed to my sister ‘Peeps’ as an opportune seasonal meal choice.  However, she informed me, (with a bit of disdain I might add) ‘I don’t really drink Peeps.’  Fair enough.  Thankfully though, due to a glorious HyVee shopping […]