Tag: Brizzle

Coloring the Doodles

Today was random Saturday doodling time.  I realized today that I was really, really in the mood to color.  I know I’m not the only person this happens to, because I’ve had conversations with several of my friends who also confide that they sometimes really, really get in the mood to color.  It makes sense […]

Valentines Day

Yesterday, as I was leaving work with my fellow coworker, another coworker said, “You ladies have a good ‘V-Day’ tomorrow.”  I don’t know why, but his calling it V-day made me snicker.  For starters, it’s a bit nerdy, but then also it made me think of Winston Churchill and Victory and Beethoven’s fifth symphony–none of […]

How We Roll

Last night I finally got to watch some Downton Abbey (another addictive British show to add to my list *sigh*) and sit by the fireside with my favorite NW critter.  Brina.  We’re buddies.  We have lots in common: we both like the fire, being warm, lounging and cuddling.  Yes…this is how we roll. Honestly, I don’t even spend […]