Springtime and Transitions


It’s that time of year where you have no idea what the weather is going to be. It could be rainy, foggy, sunny…even bordering dangerously close to toasty; one just never knows. Yesterday I had a tank top, this morning a sweater, this afternoon I couldn’t make up my mind at all. It’s spring, and it’s time for transitions.

And so goes my life. I had a five year plan, but life…doing as life do… keeps mixing it up. The dreams not really changed, nor the goals, but the map is… shifty? It’s turning out to be, not at all, an A to Z adventure. In fact, there’s more twist, turns and false starts than a political candidate during election season. I’m not sure what the next step is… so I’m pausing, trying to make up my mind. Trying to make sure I don’t pause too long, but that I pause long enough; giving enough time to plant, and let the rain fall, and the seeds sprout and grow. It’s the spring of a new adventure, and it’s time for transitions.

Traditionally I’ve hated these seasons. As a child, I was plagued by springtime allergies; the advent of growing, sprouting seeds was the herald of misery. Likewise, the growing seasons of life leave me itchy, watery eyed, and sneezy. This year hasn’t been so bad though; I think I’m growing out of my allergies, and as I do, I’m learning to love spring. Likewise, I’m realizing that transitions are just as rhythmic and to be expected as the seasons. And just like the spring, transitions are unpredictable as the weather…as flighty as a feather…y’know…

But it is transition time; and this time, I want to enjoy spring. I welcome the unknown, the adventure, the sometimes scary, the sometimes brilliantly triumphant, the unexpected; I’ve got my umbrella, my sweater, and my sunglasses. I may not be ready for anything that happens, but I’m ready to learn and grow. It’s the the springtime of my adventure; shifty map, or not, onward.