Seven Snippets from September

I feel like it’s cliche to say, but I love autumn. Everyone says that, right? I think everyone says that…and then you follow that statement with something about pumpkin, and spice, and leaves…and you hope that you live in a part of the country where you have fall foliage that turns pretty. (I do, although it won’t change for several more weeks yet, it’s still green here for the most part.)

September wasn’t my favorite this year. I’ve been antsy and…stuff. But thankfully I did get out and about, and found some beautiful trails, and had some wonderful days mixed in there even though on the inside, I’m as restless as the changing weather. One day I’m warm and sunny, the  next day I’ve turned chill as winters bone. But seasons change in life and in weather, and I’m thankful, sometimes only because I endeavor to be thankful on purpose.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

IMG_0066 1.)There was this mushroom that was larger than my phone, at Mount Rainier National Park. I think this might be the largest mushroom I’ve seen in the wild… like seriously I thought it must be fake for a minute.

IMG_0063 2.) This gorgeous turquoise lake that I hiked to, also at Mount Rainier National Park. It took forever to capture a picture that even came close to showing how beautiful it was. This was, Snow Lake. Which…I didn’t see the snow, but I did think it was a wonderland, and very alpine.


3.) This sunset that I discovered when I turned my face westward and realized I’d been walking the wrong way…obviously. Sometimes you just gotta change direction to catch a beautiful view.

DSC_0061 4.) This little friend…ok, snakes aren’t usually my favorite, but it was kinda cool that this little guy (girl?) held still long enough for me to get a few good portraits.


5.) This lil’ guy, who is one of my favorite people ever. He takes up like 50% of my phone’s picture space every week.

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6.) This book, because apparently I’m the last person on the planet who hasn’t read them yet…but finally got a start on it, and well…guess what? Turns out, so far, the masses are correct. They’re good.

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7.) This cookbook (alongside a few other Sept. treats.) Everything I’ve tried so far is soooo yummy. Definitely a good addition to my library.

And that’s about it for September. I’m more than ready to take on October, and see what things it may bring.