Coloring the Doodles

Today was random Saturday doodling time.  I realized today that I was really, really in the mood to color.  I know I’m not the only person this happens to, because I’ve had conversations with several of my friends who also confide that they sometimes really, really get in the mood to color.  It makes sense really… I’ve yet to meet a little kid who doesn’t enjoy coloring at least a little (and usually a lot).  Seems right that it would stay with us.  Sadly, I didn’t seem to have a coloring book handy.

This was a problem. And so, my fantastic solution was to doodle my own coloring book.  Fantastic, yes? I thought so.

I’m not sure exactly what I ended up with.  (Crazy redheaded lady with really green eyes? Boudicca perhaps? Perhaps, perhaps.)


At any rate it felt really good to color for a while. Downright relaxing actually.  Brizzle thought my coloring was relaxing too.

Throw in the right music (i.e. Josh Garrels) and it’s brilliant.

Now all I need is another cup of tea and it will be perfection.