Rainy September Mornings

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Today has been a lovely lazy day.  Yoga time? check.  Drawing time? check.  Library trip? check.  Muffin baking? check.  Chatting with people I like? Check.  Watching Agatha Christie films? check.  I could laze about like this all week. Oy.

Iron Man

I’m not the only one who would laze about.  I’d happily have company for the whole week long I think.

My bud

Last week I got myself a treat–I bought a new yoga mat.  My old one was fine–with one regrettable fault of being dull.  That was all there was to it and I wanted something that would tickle my toes every time I woke up and rolled it out.   So I bought something of a color called amethyst. It’s very pretty and I like it quite a bit–I wouldn’t mind if it was thicker–that’s my only disappointment.   But the color makes me smile and I feel more yoga-ness in me just thinking about the mat.

Makes my feet happy! yoga mat

Friday I stopped by the Missouri Conservation center and asked for hiking maps.  They were very helpful.  Although I may dream of hiking the mountains I might as well enjoy all those places that are quite literally at my finger tips.  After all if I don’t enjoy what I have why would I ever enjoy what I wish for? As it turns out there are a surprising amount of conservation areas and national forest areas that are pretty close that I haven’t actually explored at all.  And so I have maps and information and I’m prepared for more hikes.  I hope next week to hit the trails again–perhaps some place new? And I have also learned that the people at the Missouri conservation are quite helpful. Kudos Missouri.

Missouri trails

And this is how it is–the view from Sunday.

September Day

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