October Walks

So know how I as just posting about autumn walks, and how it was too early for me to actually go on an autumn walk because the leaves hadn’t really changed yet? Well, that is mostly true…however there are a few trees by a lake trail near by that change early October. Really pretty, golden colors of autumn leaves…I was going to try to catch them Saturday but got rained out. Yesterday, I decided to give it a round two.

IMG_2079I wasn’t disappointed.
When I got there, it was pretty cloudy, but it was very autumn looking, and warmer than I was expecting which was both good…and then not so good cause I was overdressed.
IMG_2078Halfway through the hike though, the sun came out, and it was pretty much gorgeous. IMG_2106IMG_2116IMG_2114IMG_2112IMG_2157IMG_2175And last, but not least, gold and blue. This last shot made it worth the trip. IMG_2133I hope it’s not the only autumn walk, but I’m glad that I got one good one in. That’s one thing off my autumn list. October feels legit now.