Magic Frog to Prince

If you’re looking for a happy, feel-good story that will leave your soul bursting with the possibility of the world… this is not that story.

In my family, we have a relation named Aunt Tilly.  I don’t remember when Aunt Tilly started sending presents. (Possibly it was after one year’s viewing of While You Were Sleeping.  During the scene when they’re all opening Christmas presents and Ox gets one form Uncle Al, to which he reply’s “Who the Hell is Uncle Al?” we all got really tickled, and I think it was sometime after that, when Aunt Tilly presents started showing up.) That said, she never actually shows up to family gatherings in the flesh;  however she has for the last four or five years (at least) been persistent in sending at least two or three (most fortunate) family members a gift. They are varied in quality.  She’s been known to send snowman poop (cotton balls) or notebooks with owls (“hoot hoot”) and this year she sent my cousins boyfriend a ring (from her diamond digging excursions in Arkansas).  A few days later my cousin got engaged to said boyfriend.  Not shabby… not shabby at all.

This year, I got a frog from Aunt Tilly.

Or at least I was supposed to get this.  Magic Frog to Prince! Sounds promising, right?

The problem was, that it’s a long ways from wherever Aunt Tilly abides these days (never a return of address) and somewhere in the journey through the mail to my doorstep…my frog got broken.  I should have documented it (and possibly asked for a refund) but instead in my haste to resuscitate my frog I dumped water on him (as the instructions said) but I think I added too much and um…well…I think I might have… maybe drowned my prince.

See, he’s supposed to grow (so claims the instructions on the box) *Stares meaningfully towards prince*

And instead I got this…

I think my broken frog got drowned in the way and now I have a stunted prince. Read: “Fail.”

*repetes to self* “I Will not read too much into this, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t”

But if I were to say…want to read a lot into this… it would make a lot of sense right? I keep getting the BROKEN FROGS! (*ahem which I possibly drown during resuscitation?*) And…you can’t get a prince from a broken frog. Nope.

Ok, never mind, I really don’t want to read too much into this.

But still that said, I’m thinking I may have to retire my hopes for a ‘magic frog to prince’ and bank on something more promising in the future.  Nice try though Aunt Tilly.  Wherever you are.