Countdown to Christmas: The Holiday Community

It is in fact one day closer to Christmas.  The fact that I didn’t countdown yesterday, didn’t seem to slow this fact in the least.   Time is marching on.  Speaking of marching (or marching-esque activites) on a walk today I discovered yet more evidence of merriment all around in the community.  Wreaths definitely took the popularity vote, in regards to household decorations, although some folks have opted for gaudier, festive displays. Sadly, my attempts to photograph the Christmas lights at night have been somewhat unspectacular. Lately fog seems to be the dominate weather situation, and the fog makes little moisture dots in the air so that every picture ends up having little floating orbs in it (the ghost hunters would go crazy for all the ‘spirit’ activity, no doubt.) Thankfully I have actually managed to get some slightly burly, yet non-orb evening shots.  Also, in regards to the spirits I did happily manage to catch the lady in the window…so spirits were spotted (see the nativity display). 

Generally I prefer the quiet of the country, but I must say there is something particularly magical about Christmas shopping in the evening, with all the city Christmas lights, and the shops all aglow. It’s now about four days until Christmas.  The ground may not be white with snow (sadly) but still I must say, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ~Cheers