Countdown to Christmas: 9 days!

Nine more days until Christmas! In acknowledgment of the swiftly approaching holiday, the morning was started with some cookie baking.  (Actually, because the parents are only staying a few more days, we will be celebrating some family Christmas this weekend. So yes, while it is actually nine days until Christmas, it is beginning to feel a little more like one day till Christmas.)

Post cookie baking, I finally got around to wrapping up presents.  The last three years I’ve been completely FAIL at wrapping presents.  I either hand people their presents in a dumpy plastic sack, put it in a holiday bag OR maybe actually WRAP the present a few minutes prior to opening presents.  This year I am committing to a change of heart, by actually wrapping presents a full 24 hours prior to opening them.  It’s the small victories that count.

The ever growing pile of presents under the tree also makes it seem that Christmas is actually this weekend instead of in nine days.  I’m pretty sure I’ll just be really confused next week.

My sister is FAR superior in the present wrapping department.  All the really neat and awesome presents under the tree? The ones that looks as though you could find them in a magazine? Those are hers. *sigh*  But once again, it’s the small steps.  This year I wrapped my presents…maybe next year I’ll even get a bow for them.

Regardless, I feel pretty serious and hardcore holiday.  I even am wearing Holiday earrings (that you can’t really see in this picture… ) But they’re there!

And in closing my thoughts on this countdown post…I submit a stunning shot of Brina under her ‘lamp hat.’ Getting her fur done? Putting on her thinking cap? Who knows.  Your guess is as good as mine…but I think she’s getting her holiday on too.