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Happy 236th birthday, America!

It’s July 4th! Time for all manner of American celebrations, good food, good company, and fireworks. Woohoo! Sadly, 4th of July is one of those holidays that I frequently find myself grappling about how to celebrate.  For me, it has this in common with New Years.  In concept I like the idea a lot.  I watched the scene from […]

2005: Year of the Portraits

Yes, going through pictures can lead to only one thing: going through more pictures.  Apparently 2005 was the year of portraits which was exciting to rediscover.  I haven’t tried to take a portrait (outside of unnecessary close-ups) for a really…long…time.  But I do recall, it was fun.  Clearly I thought so in 2005.                   

Nostalgia: Seattle 2004

Oh dear.  I’ve been going through pictures this morning: problematic. First, it’s distracting. Second, it’s time consuming.  Third, I don’t really have a reason to be going through them… I just was looking for  one picture and the next thing I know distraction is king.  So…to make it productive I’ll post a blog about it…which will obviously cure […]