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B is for Benevolence

Be a giver. Be prepared to think of someone else’s care. Be a lover, marked by extravagance! Don’t delay to the second chance. Be generous with each intention. Of past wrongs, do not mention. Be benevolent, that you may birth, a life worth living in this earth.

A is for Adventure

Early in the morning, greeting the day In that early, glowing, sunrise, way. Adventure is life! A stunning meeting, when those moments of dawn are new and fleeting, And the gift of air in your lungs, And the gift of life has sprung— Into another day and chance, Into another place of happenstance? It sometimes […]

Ode to 23

I really like the number 23.  I think it started a few years ago when I was looking at my planner and realized that over the course of a year several important things had happened on the 23rd day of the month. So I found myself starting to get excited about the 23rd day of […]