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Be Worthy

There will be times when your loneliness burns Times when you can hardly remember what it was like to know love But these are only moments You must remember the emptiness is so vast because it echos with the depth of your capacity for love. There will be days when you talk and hear, but […]

Gingerbread 7.0

My sister and I first started our gingerbread house tradition in the Christmas of 2003. The year before my friend Allison (of the curious cupcake) and I, had made my first ever homemade gingerbread houses from scratch. Not the little kits you buy and decorate, but the kind where you slave for hours in the […]

Coloring the Doodles

Today was random Saturday doodling time.  I realized today that I was really, really in the mood to color.  I know I’m not the only person this happens to, because I’ve had conversations with several of my friends who also confide that they sometimes really, really get in the mood to color.  It makes sense […]