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Of Your Becoming

Transitions, like growth spurts bring with them awkward uncertainties — Teeth too large to fit in mouths too small, Heads sitting higher as we find ourselves in allocations unfamiliar, terrain unknown — The in-between places less like autumn and more like adolescence. But like a season transitions will transcend and we wake full-frontal versions of […]

The Burning was a Gift

I used to wonder at this burning And think, “I must not let it burn so hot I must contain my fire— So much damage can it do. — A fire left unchecked? We should better put it out.” But what I did not realize Was that no one could extinguish The billowing flames of […]

Unconditional Hope

January is a good month for reflections. Historically, I have like many others, used the beginning of the year to think about making resolutions. I’m not really sure why, because I actually hate New Years. January is a rough month, when all the holiday festivities are stripped away, and we’re left with the dark, lonely, […]