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What did it mean? To be a tom-boy seemed A complement That was something A girl like me Might aspire to, who Ran through woods, Mostly barefoot—but often In my twirling dress. Paradoxically, Was the inner drive that hummed within my little heart to be found small— for smallness meant you could be scooped up— […]

Keeper of the Second Watch

If I had been first, not last And all that lay before The past held the same Rosy optimism of hope Unmarred? And memories were unaccumulated — Like journal pages white, No pain or diminished expectations In sight. But all these moments instead Litter the hills like haunted houses Rising ebenezer’s to roads Not traveled. […]

Fear Logistics

Let’s talk, fear logistics You shadow creature lurking just past the point the light touches, Making molehills and pebbles appear like mountains and peaks — Disproportionate to the reality of this moment, most magnified as day becomes night and night becomes day—shadows stretching in size in the moment of transition. But in the day those […]