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Hyacinth blooms permeate my room The smell wafting and saturating Each corner of space Overflowing with perfume, making all Aware of life. Dawn wakes, spilling over hills First rays of saturating glory Radiating over every horizon Not one will resist the waking Of this day. Salt permeates each morsel and bite No corner of taste, refuses it’s Flavor, what molecule… Read more →

Advice to my Future Self

Let me not grieve what was never mine to hold. Or waste my living on rot and mold. Relationships failed to come into being Thoughts un-fleshed that were never seen Dreams that died without fruit on the vine All those ideas that were once mine Seeds that were planted, but never grew Harvest of wishes that didn’t come through Let… Read more →


Golden; They said the flames were golden When I burned In the moment of my deepest despair What other’s saw was golden, fair star light that burst into the sky, Flames—flying high! And beauty; they said I was wrapped in beauty Before the flames, A visual, spectacle to behold Even though my soul was old, And I was clothed in purple… Read more →

Mortar to Mend

Sometimes when I have thoughts they only come out in verse, and I’m not going to argue with it.    Savage; unrestrained We ravage each other’s souls For a moment Neither right nor wrong Matters In moral relativism Definitions defined In the moment   Power; unrestrained It’s about power at the end of the day Power, to make you cum— To… Read more →

Be Worthy

There will be times when your loneliness burns Times when you can hardly remember what it was like to know love But these are only moments You must remember the emptiness is so vast because it echos with the depth of your capacity for love. There will be days when you talk and hear, but speak to no one, and… Read more →

Gingerbread 7.0

My sister and I first started our gingerbread house tradition in the Christmas of 2003. The year before my friend Allison (of the curious cupcake) and I, had made my first ever homemade gingerbread houses from scratch. Not the little kits you buy and decorate, but the kind where you slave for hours in the kitchen and make an insane… Read more →

Coloring the Doodles

Today was random Saturday doodling time.  I realized today that I was really, really in the mood to color.  I know I’m not the only person this happens to, because I’ve had conversations with several of my friends who also confide that they sometimes really, really get in the mood to color.  It makes sense really… I’ve yet to meet… Read more →

B is for Benevolence

Be a giver. Be prepared to think of someone else’s care. Be a lover, marked by extravagance! Don’t delay to the second chance. Be generous with each intention. Of past wrongs, do not mention. Be benevolent, that you may birth, a life worth living in this earth. Read more →

A is for Adventure

Early in the morning, greeting the day In that early, glowing, sunrise, way. Adventure is life! A stunning meeting, when those moments of dawn are new and fleeting, And the gift of air in your lungs, And the gift of life has sprung— Into another day and chance, Into another place of happenstance? It sometimes seems from time to time.… Read more →

Ode to 23

I really like the number 23.  I think it started a few years ago when I was looking at my planner and realized that over the course of a year several important things had happened on the 23rd day of the month. So I found myself starting to get excited about the 23rd day of the month.  (Yes, I know,… Read more →